Carhartt WIP – Coming to light pt. 2

2. Juni, 2017

For part two of Carhartt’s latest editorial, featuring L.A.-based producer Knxwledge, the shadowy streets of his current hometown are swapped out for vibrant yellow and blue backdrops. This is the other side of Los Angeles: bright lights, bold colours.


carhartt-journaldoubleimagedesktop (12)     carhartt-journaldoubleimagedesktop (5)


It is something that Knxwledge is having to increasingly get used to. Since featuring as a producer on Kendrick Lamar’s groundbreaking To Pimp A Butterfly album, the spotlight on this prodigious producer has intensified. However, throughout it all, he has maintained his signature low-key style – while his beats are complexly layered with elastic soulful samples and smooth piano loops, the man himself remains decidedly understated.


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knxwledge’s mix for Carhartt WIP Radio


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carhartt-journaldoubleimagedesktop (8)  carhartt-journaldoubleimagedesktop (13)


carhartt-journaldoubleimagedesktop (6)



1. Juni, 2017

LA’s most iconic geographic landmark is not perched in the Hollywood Hills, rather it winds from the Santa Susana Mountains to the mouth of Long Beach Harbor. The LA River has been both a source of life and great devastation throughout history. Paved over to prevent chaos, the barren, geometric waterway sweeping the city scarcely resembles the once mighty riverbed.




For Summer 2017, Tom Guinness and Bibi Cornejo-Borthwick explore the furtive and forlorn channels of the concrete masterpiece, and the constant tension between natural and constructed realities in Los Angeles. In the series of images, Stüssy offers respite from the paved dystopia where an oasis flourishes amid the mighty berms.




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Carhartt WIP – Coming to Light Pt. 1

29. Mai, 2017

Coming To Light – The latest editorial by Carhartt WIP featuring Knxwledge & photographed by Robert LeBlanc


Los Angeles is, without question, different. It has its own pace, its own way of doing things – it is not a traditional city by any means, but it’s probably one of the world’s most important. About 90% of the culture we consume emanates from this West Coast metropolis. Your music, your television, your movies – it’s all made here. Sure, it may lack the grandeur of other cultural hubs from different eras – this ain’t no ancient Rome or 19th century Paris – but it’s hard to argue that this is pretty much where it’s at.


knxwledge_pt1_landscape_08 knxwledge_pt1_landscape_06


L.A. is also home to Glen Earl Boothe Jr, better known as Knxwledge, a Hip-Hop producer whose esoteric style has seen him carve out a wholly unique sound that blends elements of jazz, soul and contemporary rap in a way that is unflinchingly different. This is the second time Carhartt WIP has teamed up with him, after his Carhartt WIP Radio appearance earlier this year.


knxwledge_pt1_portrait_08 knxwledge_pt1_portrait_07


It’s perhaps not hard to see why L.A. is the perfect fit for Boothe, someone known to sidestep the limelight – it’s easy to feel at ease in a city where buildings are secluded by greenery, there’s always an excuse to wear sunglasses and celebrity-sightings are as common as avocado toast on a menu. L.A. is both a city where stars are born, and also where they go to be hidden in plain sight, where the remarkable go to be unremarkable. No other city would allow you to do that.




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knxwledge’s mix for Carhartt WIP Radio


The Hundreds x MF DOOM

23. Mai, 2017

He’s captivated a die-hard following of fans—and they’ve never seen the man behind the mask. Hip-hop’s favorite villain, DOOM (formerly MF DOOM), has been revered as a trailblazing icon of the culture—a jack of all trades that pioneered an indie hip-hop revolution. Devoid of social media and the trappings of fame, DOOM rules his kingdom from afar—biding his time and waiting for the perfect time to feed his fans with his newest releases. The notoriously reclusive artist has finally stepped from behind the shadows to work with The Hundreds for a new capsule collection that celebrates the genius of hip-hop’s greatest antagonist.

Working closely with the man himself, The Hundreds X DOOM serves as a reminder of how powerful the DOOM iconography is—as it features his signature MASK, DOOM, and Villy graphics. So stoked that two of our favorites teamed up on this one and we get to stock this. Get some on!

Also If you’re a fan, you already know that MF Doom isn’t only a killer emcee but also a very talented producer with strong sampling skills. In anticipation of the THE HUNDREDS X DOOM collaboration, the editorial team of our californian friends has put together a list of the best storytelling samples from the super villain. Take a look on!







NMD Madness – One Day, Six NMDs

19. Mai, 2017

Tonight’s a special night for all adidas Fans out there. The infamous NMD gets another special treatment and appears in six different versions all at a time. Since its initial release in December 2015 the athletic silhouette has conquered the sneaker community. With its unique mix between new modern looks and reference to the iconic adidas archives, it paved the way for a new sneaker-cultural movement. Maintaining momentum ever since, the community just doesn’t seem to get enough of the runner. Tonight on May 20th at 00:01 we see another reinvention of the innovative design, as the NMD is coming in multiple versions including the Gum Pack, the Oreo Pack, a linen khaki version and the XR1 in the OG NMD colorway. Take a look at the pictures below and make sure to be on time for this special release!

NMD on


adidas_NMD_R1_PK_GUM_Black_AD SN BY1887 CBK_1

adidas Originals NMD „Gum Pack“ Core Black – 179,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_R1_PK_GUM_Black_AD SN BY1888 WHT_1

adidas Originals NMD „Gum Pack“ Core Black – 179,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_XR1_PK_OG_AD SN BY 1909 CBK_2

adidas Originals NMD XR1 OG – 159,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_XR1_Oreo_AD SN BY1910 CBK_1 adidas_NMD_R1_PK_Oreo_AD SN BY1911 WHT_1

adidas Originals NMD XR1 Oreo Pack  – 159,85 EUR

adidas Originals NMD R1 PK Oreo Pack  – 179,85 EUR


adidas_NMD_R1_PK_Linen_AD SN BY1912 LKH_1

adidas Originals NMD R1 PK Pack  – 179,85 EUR


Comeback of a Classics – Puma Basket

19. Mai, 2017

Digging through the Puma archives, one particular silhouette will catch every Hip-Hop head’s attention: The Clyde. A sneaker that defines 90’s Hip-Hop and Streetwear like nothing else. But before the Clyde there was the Basket. Originally released in 1968, the Puma Basket began its life on the basketball court. Since then, it has made its way into our classic rotation of understated silhouettes due to its low profile, wearable shape. Constructed from premium leather , this low-cut shoe also features printed gold branding to the lateral walls and heel. Now the Herzogenaurach (Germany) based brand is giving the timeless silhouette an extensive comeback. With multiple versions including different premium materials, colorways and a platform sole, the iconic sneaker is well reinvented without losing it’s recognizable look.

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Puma_Basket Platform Patent WN S_PU WSN363314 PEA_01

Puma_Basket Platform Patent Wn S_PU WSN363314 OAT_05

Puma_Basket Platform Patent Wn S_PU WSN363314 OAT_02 (1)


Montana Cans Artist Edition 12 by Rambo

16. Mai, 2017



The next Montana BLACK Artist Edition is out now! No. 12 features the Moscow based Graffiti Artist RAMBO. Hailing from one of the largest cities in the world, Rambo played with the contrasts of Moscow´s city lights and skyline. The russian Artist chose the color tone Silverchrome of the famous and proven Montana BLACK Range for his Artist Edition. Silverchrome is notorious for its coverage and speed and therefore many writers chose it to paint the streets during the last crisis. Perfect for Rambo´s fast and simple pieces and styles. The design is inspired by the artist’s environment – impressions that Rambo sees everyday: the city lights, the skyline of Moscow and of course a lot of Graffiti!

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„And They Say“ – Chance The Rapper over a Kaytranada production

16. Mai, 2017

Finally it’s here! After word got out that the Canadian producer and Chicagos very own Chance had collaborated on another track, months passed by without an actual release. While a lot of fans awaited the outcome of this promising project, both artists kept us waiting and instead went on to release collaborations with other artists. Only if you have been to one of Chance’s shows over the last year or so, you’d have heard a live version of the unreleased track.

Now Kaytra finally shared the Chance feature during his appearance on Pharrell’s OTHERtone Radio. When asked about the collaboration, the Montreal producer claimed he was “waiting on brother Chance The Rapper to send me the vocal parts.” Luckily it’s no longer unreleased and we can have a taste of this talented duo. Listen to the track below:



HUF x Pink Panther

12. Mai, 2017

The Pink Panther first tiptoed his way onto the big screen to Henry Mancini’s jazzy beat back in 1964. Always one step ahead of Inspector Clouseau, the Pink Panther has since infiltrated popular culture to international acclaim through his smooth sophistication and witty charm. Huf celebrates the spirit of the sly cat with a Huf x Pink Panther capsule collection consisting of apparel and accessories. Always on the move, the Pink Panther makes his way across a range of screenprinted S/S Tees, L/S Tees and Hoodies, while embroidered detailing adorns the headwear part. Check to shop selected parts of the collection










„Thanks Anna for letting me shoot the party“ – Frank Ocean captures MET Gala for VOGUE

11. Mai, 2017

One could say the annual MET Gala is the „Superbowl of Fashion“, as it’s considered to be the most important fashion event of the year. The originals purpose of the event was – and officially still is – to celebrate the start of a new exhibit at Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. Every year the institute determines a certain theme or a designer, the exhibit is dedicated to. This year’s Met Gala went down last Tuesday. While this year’s theme was all around COMME des GARÇONS very own Rei Kawakubo, it was – as always – more about the number of A-List celebrities attending the event and of course their wardrobe of choice for the night. While most of the popular visitors took an extensive amount of time to pose in front of the numerous photographers at the red carpet, a reticent as ever Frank Ocean tried to sneak by and hide behind Rihanna’s voluminous dress. Even though RiRi was drawing a lot of attention, the „Blonde“ singer couldn’t avoid to be snapped by the Paparazzi a couple of times.



The rest of the evening he changed position to step behind the „Lens“ – as his latest song is also titled – to capture his impressions of the glamorous night with a Contax T3 35mm. He is old school that way, preferring the authentic analog grain of film over digital immediacy. Two days ago it came to light that it wasn’t all just for private pleasure, as Vogue revealed that they had sent Ocean to play Paparazzi for a special MET editorial. While Frank Ocean took on to his tumblr, stating „Thanks Anna for letting me shoot the party“, the delicate footage features beautiful analog photography of ASAP Rocky and his date Gwyneth Paltrow, Gigi Hadid, Zoë Kravitz, Gigi Hadid, Jaden Smith and more. Check out some of the pictures below and find the full coverage on Vogue.


10-frank 02-frank

09-frank-ocean-met-gala-photos 08-frank-ocean-met-gala-photos